Sometimes, when “all the planets are aligned,” big things just seem to happen almost effortlessly, which was the case for Mommalicious. It was in the stars for this adorably quirky boutique to grace Lancaster with its presence.

Back in 2004, Lancaster County native, Alicia Byler, was ready to make a change in life. Having an inkling for wanting to open a vintage boutique in Lancaster, but lacking a business plan, she enrolled in the Lancaster ASSETS program to help her create one. She received a ton of support, both personally and professionally, and once completed, the ASSETS course proved to truly be an asset, as they helped her find a space to house her dream. In May 2005, Mommalicious opened its doors on Prince Street in Downtown Lancaster.

Byler imagined how lovely it would be to own a building in which she could live and work. As the stars would have it, the owner of 310 North Queen Street, a location in which Byler had interest, was looking to sell but had not yet listed. Kismet! Byler and her husband, Dennis, sold their home on Clay Street to buy the building, which has 4 apartments above the retail space. She opened for business in September of 2006 and is happily living and working there still.

Byler has always possessed a love for thrift stores and flea markets, and by the looks of her and her store, it is apparent that she has mastered the art of finding desirable, quality, vintage items. She handpicks every piece that comes into her boutique, from clothing and accessories, to furniture, housewares, and funky personal items. Byler loves rescuing things people get rid of. Someone can give them a new home, a new life, rather than allowing them to get thrown away. Bare in mind, nothing inside the shop can be considered junk—these are items that evoke nostalgia, a sense of romance and fun, and create beauty.

If you haven’t yet ventured into Mommalicious, do your gift-worthy friends a favor and stop in. You will surely find a variety of unique items for the full gamut of people in your life. Originally only vintage and antiques, Mommalicious now also carries a few new, hard-to-find products that complement the old stuff.

As a proponent of supporting the local economy and community, she also houses a few local vendors who offer handmade goods. She uses recycled and eco-friendly paper, purchased from York, PA’s Greenline Paper Company.

Byler also does private buying from local folks, which happened to begin by request. Someone’s parents passed away and Byler was asked to sell some of their possessions, as they knew she would find the right people for these once cherished items to go to.

Mommalicious will be a part of Artwalk this Spring and Fall, featuring trunk shows from My Aunt Debbie and J. Almodovar, two crafters also local to Lancaster.

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