In many cities, businesses come and go over the years, but certain businesses are able to become permanent fixtures. The Art and Glassworks is one of them. Located at 319 North Queen Street, it has been in business in that same location since 1989!

Owner Karin Meacham bought the building in July of 1989. She restored the shop, as well as the 3 apartments upstairs, and made it a stained glass studio that offered instructional classes on stained glass making. For the first eight years, Karin had a business partner, Bill Barber, and all the items for sale were made by the two of them. Once Meacham became the sole owner, she began to bring in glass goods to sell for holidays, such as balls, lamps, panels, paperweights, and marbles. This is because Lancaster didn’t have tourists back then, and being in an artistic business in a small town proved to have its difficult times. Meacham felt strongly that if you did not live and work in your town, it wouldn’t improve. It was important to her to make sure that she could contribute to making Lancaster a great place to live. And she certainly walks the talk. She currently is the coordinator for the 300 Block of North Queen Street Annual Block Party, which will be Sunday, June 2 this year.

These days, Art and Glassworks offers fun and crafty workshops in their back courtyard from May through October, as well as free live music on first and third Fridays. In store for this summer are classes on fairy and gnome home building, making mosaics and also making rain chains out of recycled bottles! Visit their store for more information, especially if you haven’t yet been inside – it is chock full of eye candy! The front window alone is packed with every shape, size and color imaginable! You will certainly have to visit the store a few times to take in all that they offer, as you will surely see something you missed the last time you were in.

In addition to glass panels, balls, vases, lampshades and all beautiful things made of glass, Art and Glassworks carries pottery, tiles, jewelry, leather accessories, beads, change purses and many other gift ideas, collector’s items, and housewares that are sure to make your eyes light up.

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