By design, Annex 24 art gallery stands apart from the usual Lancaster City norm. Located at 24 West Walnut Street—just around the corner from the 300 block of North Queen and a block away from Gallery Row—the gallery houses a rotating stock of artists ranging from those classically trained to the self-taught. And the artistic medium at Annex 24 is just as ranging—from pop art using recycled materials to acrylic on canvas.

Owners Kenny Kidd, Vanessa Reisig, and Loryn Spangler-Jones discovered a need when they first decided to show their own art. Kidd explains that after a series of rejections from area galleries—because his art did not “fit”—he discovered the solution. Annex 24 was born. Relying mostly on new, emerging artists, the gallery hosts art that fits the definition of traditional as well as pieces that may be deemed unconventional for Lancaster County.

Annex 24 goes beyond painting and offers selections from illustrators, sculptors, and jewelers. Artists display their work in 30-day blocks, with new artists arriving often. At any given time Annex 24 houses work from more than 20 artists. The result is what they call a “powerful collection of artists and unique, contemporary art.”

Annex 24 goes beyond a typical gallery and offers art classes to the public. All skill levels are welcome and even private classes can be scheduled. Classes can also be held at private locations. Themed classes run on Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the gallery offers BYOB for those over 21 years old who would like to enjoy a glass of wine or other adult beverage while in the creative process. All materials for the classes are provided, so even those without any background in art can attend.

The gallery hosts many special events throughout the year. During the summer months, the gallery’s back room is opened and turned into a living entity—artists create while musicians entertain every first and third Friday. Music events are coordinated through Music for Everyone, a local non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and resources for music in school and community.

In creating a place for their own art, Kidd, Reisig, and Spangler-Jones created a place for the entire community—new or established, artist or collector, young or older. And just in case there is a curiosity, Kidd’s favorite color is Marshmallow Blue, Reisig’s is Juicy Orange, and Spangler-Jones’ is Red. Visitors can see the owners’ art and more at Annex 24.

Annex 24
24 West Walnut Street
Lancaster, Pa 17603
(717) 341-0028

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