A relatively recent addition to the 300 Block of Queen Street is the new home of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. In July, they moved from their longtime location on Prince and Walnut to a much bigger space. This larger space at 335 North Queen Street is a two-story building that will now allow the Guild to offer much more than its previous space, which housed only an exhibition gallery and staff offices. The Guild plans to make their new location an area hub for classes, workshops and artist studio space.

If you are interested in learning a new craft, classes and instruction on various types of crafting will be regularly scheduled, with a wide array of classes already being offered. Currently, most classes are geared toward adults, but the Guild is up for a grant for a pilot program for workshops specifically for seniors. There are also plans in the making for classes for middle and high school aged kids as well. Remember that classes make great gifts, because not only will you leave with your very own handmade craft, but you will also leave with a new skill and an experience.

The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen is the seventh largest craft non-profit in the country with over 1,500 members from 33 states. Just about every type of craft imaginable is represented, including jewelry, fiber dying, glassblowing, metal fiber, clay, furniture, wood burning, paper goods, and printmaking. All pieces are made in America. There are no limits of the types of crafts that are represented within the Guild, and just about the only rule is that they be well made and unique. You will not find standard pieces from these crafters. This is evident in their gallery which consists of well-rounded and quality-made items. And it is not just the Guild members who are passionate about high-quality crafts, but the staff, too, as just about every staff member is also a crafter.

Stop in to the new location’s gallery/exhibition space to see the wide array of crafts and crafting modalities on display. The Guild maintains a nice balance between traditional and contemporary crafts, either of which can make for some spot-on gifts. Both collectors and casual shoppers alike will surely find something that is pleasing to their eyes.

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman

Website • Facebook Profile
335 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA (Map)
Phone: (717) 431-8706
Email: handmade@pacrafts.org

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